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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What I Need....

I decided today after drooling over my friend's pictures from her current vacation in Hawaii with her Hubs & one year old son that what I really need is a Real Vacation. Not a five hour drive to see family or a weekend spent in a tent (which I do love to do), but  a real vacation to someplace I have to really save for or a place that I only want to go with my Hubby. I want to go to a theme park that I don't have access to May thru October, or a beach that surrounds one of the world's saltiest lakes.

There are problems with such a vacation. One always being money, there is always something more important to spend it on. Loads of medical bills! The other is that if my Hubby and I want to go away together no one wants to help us by taking our kids. They might overnight, but not for a week they have far better things to do than help make sure that my husband & I continue to have a good marriage. We deserve to have a break & an escape. There are those who would do anything for some members of our family, but for the rest of us we can pretty much go to hell. Maybe its because we're actually nice and we ask, rather than demand. Maybe I should turn ferocious?

Some how I've got to figure this out. I really need a vacation! Aidan & Aislynn are really too little to take much of anywhere and really enjoy being there. (Too little for most of the rides in Disneyland & the like)

I'm done! I need sleep! Maybe sleep will clear some cobwebs.

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