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Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 19 & 20 A Talent & Hobby of Yours

Its nice how these to days fit together and it makes it easier for me to do one entry instead of two separate ones. I have lots of talents and hobbies, not all of which that I have easy access to examples of at the moment. I write, scrapbook, quilt, blog, photography, photo slideshows and probably a whole lot more than I can think of at the moment. I guess that I have talents in all of them to an extent. Here is an example of my writing talent, it a poem I wrote when my cousin died about a month ago.

Until We Meet Again
I woke up this morning not knowing what was waiting for me, but know that now there’s no more hurting and I’m finally free. When I heard the sweet voice of my own Angel calling me home, know that I was afraid of letting go. Afraid of hurting all of those I loved so. But I was told that it would be alright and time would fade your pain. That you would know that I was finally going Home. And still I lingered and still I cried for all the heartache that I would leave behind. I asked the Angel one last request and was given one last chance. Did you feel that gentle breeze that touched your cheek? Did you hear that bird’s happy song? Did you feel that sunbeam that warmed your face? Did you see that flower that seemed to bloom before your eyes? That was me. That was me telling you I love you. Telling you I’ll see you again. It may seem like forever, but its only a little while in the grand scheme of things. My last request was to tell all of you whom I love best, those who touched my life, my heart and my soul in so many ways that I cannot begin to tell you, but I promise when we meet again I’ll have find just the words to say and I’ll say them all. Goodbye my friends. Until We Meet Again.

I thought of another hobby of mine. I make cakes. I don't make ordinary cakes, I make original cakes. I will show you what I mean.


  1. What a tender poem!! We lost our 18 year old son only 4 months ago due to a hiking accident and this sweet poem hit the spot for something I needed to read today.

    Thank you for sharing your talent. I came over to your blog from gracious rain blog :)

  2. I'm glad to have done something for you today! Thank you for letting me share my talent with you!