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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Two Year Old and Naps

I have three words for you: Aidan. Hates. Naps. Now this is a new development and an incredibly annoying one at that. He used to be so good at taking naps, but now he screams and cries like we are torturing him in the worst possible ways. I'm figuring that its got to be the age, but even then I'm not really sure. All I know is that its a source of stress for us all, because without this vitally important nap we have a very grouchy two year old more prone to being a bully to his little sister. (Not that she doesn't try to hold her own, but she still is littler than him.)

So, today he was in his room supposed to be napping and we were in our room with Aislynn. We decided to shut our bedroom door so that she couldn't get to his door and bug him, but we'd left her bedroom door open & the baby monitor on in her room. So, when Aidan started absolutely screaming murder, it was loud enough that the baby monitor in her room was picking it up through his closed door and making our receiver lights jump up like he was in her room. We're so mean! We actually were laughing, because I couldn't believe that the monitor, which isn't that great was actually picking up his screams. We also don't encourage temper tantrums, which was exactly what he was doing.

My comment than was, "Well, if someone asked what we did today, we could tell them that we sat around and laughed as our son set off the baby monitor from two & half rooms away." We're such nice parents! I wish I knew how to get him to nap. If anybody has any suggestions that will help me out, I'd be ever so grateful.

Just another day in the Misadventures of An Army Momma With Two Under 2

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