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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 15 Fanfic, But Not Really

So, I don't really understand the point of this one. I'm a writer and so I've played at writing fanfic, kind of fun. But its not really your work because you didn't create the characters. I've read Buffy and Angel spin-offs, as well as Roswell ones. Some are good, but some are crap, it really depends. So, I'm going to give you another random fact on me.

I have had three major ankle surgeries since February 2003. One of which while I was pregnant with my daughter and I didn't know I was pregnant. The last one I had cost just shy of $30,000, although we don't owe that much (Thank heavens!). They had to put in two bone plugs from a cadaver that cost $14,000 alone, plus three screws to hold them in place. I'll hit my year mark in September and I'm hoping that if the screws will stop hurting I'll be able to work back up to running again. The last two surgeries were less than a year apart. Its no fun. I honestly hope its the last surgery, but like I mentioned the screws have been bugging me and they've talked about taking them out. So, we'll see. Anyway, something new about me!

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