In a world with a 4 year old, a 3 year old, a 16 month old, a 3 month old and two soldiers you never know what misadventures await. Life is always springing the unexpected and I want to share them with you. Welcome to my world.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Writer's Workshop: 2011 in Blog Posts

I love participating in Mama Kat's weekly Writer's Workshop, although I haven't been as on top of it as I wanted to be. I do plan to use the ideas to help me when I'm stuck on ideas! Anyway here is this week's entry.

January- An Aidan Story 1/14

My favorite post for this month was telling about my son waking up from a nightmare and him wanting to come cuddle with me. Although no parent enjoys their kids having nightmares I sure do love him wanting to cuddle with me.

Not exactly a favorite picture for the month,
but its memorable since I was 28 weeks pregnant and as we all know I didn't last much longer than this. Gotta love the crazy hair!

This was a particularly eventful post about my ambulance ride, life flight and the three days I spent in the hospital. Who knew a UTI could cause so much trouble!

March- Rhiannon Brielle Adelaide 3/3

We welcomed our daughter, Rhiannon Brielle Adelaide, on March 2nd and that was a big deal. It was so exciting to welcome another child into our lives and home. Wish she could have come home with us sooner, but we're glad she came home healthy!

This is has got to be my favorite photo for the month, since this was the first time I got to hold my precious baby girl!

April- Easter Surprise  4/24

Always a classic with humorous Easter stories! Gotta love how kids surprise us in the darndest ways!
This is one of my favorites for the month. We finally got to bring Rhiannon home and we had family photos done. I love seeing my sexy husband in uniform with my kids and love seeing him hold our daughter!

May- Its All in the Pack 5/9

My kids are crazy hands down, but I love the unique memories they bring to our home! I wrote about my Hubby carrying our daughter around in his new rucksack! What a crazy and amazing moment!

The photo I love the most was one I took myself of Rhiannon in an easter basket! I love how tiny she was and she fit so nicely. I was trying to practice my newborn photography and it didn't turn out too bad all things considered.

June-  Body Art of a Three Year Old 6/7

We got to enjoy another of those crazy kid moments, when my son discovered a pen and the fun of self body art! I will definitely use it as a future embarrassing story for my son!

My brave girl after a night in the ER and then in the Ped's floor! Glad it was only one night though! Gotta love my beautiful little Pixie!

July-  Bad Tidings & Some Heartache 7/27

July was a rough month for us since we found out we miscarried in June and then again in July. Obviously a big set back in trying for a baby, but we knew it meant we just had to be more patient.

Gotta love all the hard work Mommy's put into to make things like this! My kids loved it and it made all the work worthwhile.

August- 'I'm A Doctor' 8/26

I wrote another memorable moment with my son, as he showed us how much he notices around him. He checked Daddy just like he saw the doctor check him out. It was so cute and I wish I had taken photos of that moment.

I love this photo I took in a cemetery in Chicago with my new camera. I had no idea how I did it, but it turned out awesome!

September- A Surprise 9/15

What a tremendous moment for us, when we finally announced that we would be welcoming a new baby into our home! It was a miracle to me after having two miscarriages prior.

One of my favorite photos from the month was this one, which so well with our announcement of baby #4!

October-  Ultrasound 10/29

I always love getting ultrasounds with my babies and this one is no less exciting. I couldn't wait to share that my baby was looking great and was thriving.

Baby's legs and tummy @ 12w6d
I love this ultrasound picture, our little guy was squirming around and being so alive. Can't help but worry about this pregnancy.

November- FAQ 11/4

I really enjoy participating in Mama Kat's writer's workshops and one of my favorites was coming up with a list of Frequently Asked Questions. It was so much fun to share rather unusual information in such a creative way.

Yes that's fat, pregnant me with a Bella & Edward Look alikes
I love this particular photo cause I love getting the opportunity to be a kid as an adult. My husband takes me to all the premiere night events for the Twilight movies and I almost always dress up. I had to be less subtle this time around, but I was supposed to be a pregnant Bella!

December- Pixie Got Her First... 12/28

How exciting and relieving that our little Pixie finally cut her first tooth. She's so cute and smiles all big & toothy all the time, its not too long before its up enough where you can really see it. She's been a pretty good sport through it all.

Not a photo exactly, but I can't help but share this super fun ultrasound of our son, Fallon! Can't wait for him to get here.

Here is year in blog posts! I hope you enjoy getting to know my family over the last year!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Big Gift

Here is my Black Pearl Lego ship that I spent like two hours or more putting together on Christmas eve. All I can say is I won't put together any more Legos for a long, long time. But my Hubby says now he's going to to buy me Queen Anne's Revenge to put together. I told him it will have to wait, my poor fingers can't handle it yet. I did have fun and I loved seeing Aidan's reaction to the ship and to mommy putting it together!

Christmas At Our House

We decided this year that we wouldn't rotate holidays between our families anymore. Its too hard with the schedule that Christopher has and with family living 2 hours away, its just easier and more relaxing to not go anywhere. Which also works better for me being on bedrest to keep Fallon in there a whole lot longer. ;) So our festivities began early on Christmas eve since Christopher had to work, so we did our traditional Christmas eve gifts. Which are always new PJs and the kids had fun opening those and even Rhiannon had fun.

After putting my little rugrats to bed, I immediately set up our Christmas gifts. I was exhausted and luckily my kids are still little enough that I could get away with it. Then it was off to bed for me. When Christopher got home in the morning he finished some last minute presents, including setting up Rhiannon's big toy.

While last Christmas my kids let us all sleep in til 10am, this year however they had other plans. My husband got home about 7:45 and fifteen mins later Aidan & Aislynn were up at their door wanting to be let out. We managed to keep them in their for another half an hour to finish things up and then we released them.

They all made out like bandits, including Fallon. We had tons of fun opening presents, playing with all the toys. Christopher cooked us a big breakfast, which was followed by another round of toys and then enjoyed a wonderful Turkey dinner. It was nice to just be at home. I even took the time to put together the 804 piece Lego Black Pearl ship that Santa brought me, all by myself. Go me! It was a great day and I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend it!

Pixie Got Her First....

 Tooth! I'm so glad it finally decided to break through since she's been teething since she was two months old. This one broke through on Christmas eve and has three more that look like they aren't too far behind.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

2011 Christmas Celebrations

We started our Christmas season with our Unit's Annual Christmas party. It was about the same as it always is, mediocre food and lots of boring briefings. Although it was nice to get paid to be there since its part of Drill weekend. Here are some highlight photos.

Beautiful Aislynn

My Sexy Hubby in his Class As

Aidan loving the camera
Miss Rhiannon

My best friend's oldest daugther

Another one of my Hubby

My best friend's hubby

Sitting on Santa's lap

My BF's twins

Then we celebrated my baby sister's 18th birthday and ended up doing family photos. I'll have to post those later since my photo disc seems to have sprouted legs and walked away.

We also a had a decorating the tree day, as well as a day to wrap gifts that the kids picked out for everyone!

Then we went to a Family Christmas Party last night. We had a blast and it was nice to see all the extended family. Here are some highlights of our night.