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Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Surprise

Rhiannon is going to be a big sister in April 2012!

That's right, we're due April 27th, which comes as a great relief to me that we are finally pregnant. I was worried after the last two miscarriages, but this pregnancy seems like its going to stick. We've already seen the cute little 'Bean' and it has a nice heartbeat. (Much to my relief!) Although my due date is in April, my Dr won't let me go past 35 weeks which is March 23rd, due to how close my two pregnancies are and the fact I had a C-Section. I guess there is the risk of the incision splitting open with my contractions and putting the baby's and my life at risk. And with that being said, this pregnancy is the our last. My Hubby and I feel that this will complete our family, so I'll be having a hysterectomy 6 weeks following delivery as long as they have no emergency need to remove it sooner. We are both excited and nervous. I have to admit, although I know its the right and best thing for us to do, the idea of the hysterectomy and having no more babies that way is both exciting and sad. It ends a phase in our lives and there's no going back. I'll be done having kids before I turn 27. It does mean I'll be a young Grandma and all our kids will be out of our house before I turn 50. More info and photos to come about the newest little member of our family.

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