In a world with a 4 year old, a 3 year old, a 16 month old, a 3 month old and two soldiers you never know what misadventures await. Life is always springing the unexpected and I want to share them with you. Welcome to my world.

Friday, September 27, 2013


I haven't done very well with blogging this year. It makes me sad, since I had big plans to write and share, but then life actually happened. My fingers have ached to write, but I've attempted a few times to do so and find myself hitting a wall. I try and try, then panic sets in and I'm done for the day. I love to write and I always have, but I've found that while it would seem I have so much to write about and comment on, I look at the screen and my mind goes blank. Maybe its the fear of someone not liking what I have to say.

Maybe I'm not so funny, at least not compared to the blogs that seem to have large quantities of followers. (I know I just compared my blog with others, a big 'No No!') Its hard these days to find a niche to fit in, since everybody (and I do mean everybody) thinks they can write. All the blogs I follow are amazing, I want to know more and often feel like I know them. I have run across a few that heaven help them and we'll leave it at that. I am not that great of a writer, but like all writers I want to be heard. I have dreamed of writing a bestselling Novel, but I'm 28 and I'm not seeing much of that in my future.

My Hubby and I often talk about when he becomes a Bestselling author or when I become one, about all the things we'd like to do and be able to afford to have. My Hubby is a good writer and I'm not just saying that. He always is able to write these amazing plot outlines and they are so well planned & figured out. Sit me down and nothing. Although I think my writing style is what they call a 'Grower.' Kind of sounds dirty now that I look at it. Its not however! It means my stories develop as I write, they grow like a plant would. I don't do much thinking ahead, it just happens. My blog posts kind of do the same. I wonder if it makes a story or post more exciting to have it planned or for it to just happen. Who knows?

Alright, its late and we're actually going to go to the Children's Museum tomorrow. So, I kind of need some kind of rest. You know imagine that! I'll try to get a blog post up about our Vacays this summer, because we sure had a busy summer. For those who still follow me, bear with me as I try to figure out how to balance kindergarten, a home business and life with four kids under 5. I'm going to find a way to squish writing in and maybe I'll find my way around my Writer's Block Wall. Check out my new blog, Crafty With Pixie Stedding,  for my business, where I will be showcasing super cute papercraft projects and hopefully will inspire others to want to be crafty too!

Monday, September 23, 2013

New Journeys

Kindergarten. Army. House Cleaning. Kids. This Fall has already started full and not just a little bit chaotic! As a family we are making new journeys and learning together how to move forward. Aidan started Kindergarten and boy has that thrown us all for a loop. I'm happy he's learning, if not perhaps all that comes with public school, and I'm super happy that he's learning new things, making new friends, etc. The schedule for the school is less then ideal, Noon to 2:50 Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Fri. Wed is early out day and so he has to be at school by 10 and is there til 11:50. It makes planning trips into town tricky. Point of Fact: last week we had to leave Aidan & Aislynn all day with an amazing friend so I could go to the Dr's and get groceries. (Of course every thing that could go wrong that day, did!) We're adjusting. I'm sure it takes more then a few weeks or even a month to do so, but boy, I'm ready to have life settle down.

Another new Journey began last month. I started a home business. I am now an Independent Consultant for Close To My Heart and super excited to see my business take off. I've finally purchased enough supplies to really get a chance to play with our products and of course have an excuse to be crafty! What woman needs much of an excuse for that? LOL! I'm also super nervous about this because a lot of what is needed to succeed is way, way out of my comfort zone. So, I'm trying to take big steps to overcome and do well.

I have my first Workshop/Scrapbook event this weekend and I am nervous, but excited because this can open so many doors for my business. We are making a super cute 2-page layout for Halloween and eating yummy pizza! I hope that I get a good turn out, so keep me in your prayers that I do. You want to check out my new Blog, head Here or want to check out Close To My Heart products head Here.

Monday, September 2, 2013


I can hardly believe how long its been so I blogged! My life seemed to take all kinds of crazy turns this year and now things are beginning to settle down once again. So maybe I will finally be able to blog more often. I do miss it. Although I think the break was just what I needed, I was getting a chance to enjoy my family.

Aidan started Kindergarten a week ago and seems to be really enjoying himself. Although, he still continues to hide behind myself or my Hubby every time we take him and anyone talks to him. But once he gets to class he seems to do fine and hasn't had any issues according to his teacher. I still can hardly believe my baby is in school already. I'm glad he likes it, that he's learning and that he's making friends.

Aislynn is jealous! She wants so badly to be in school with Aidan, but we keep telling her that she'll get to go next year. We've been trying to make sure that she gets some special time with each of us. My hubby took her to the library last week and picked out books & movies to share. I'm not sure what she & will do this week, but we'll come up with something.

Pixie and Fallon are growing like crazy. Fallon gives kisses and toddles around like crazy. He is so smart! Pixie causes all kinds of mischief and loves to brush everyone's hair (or Daddy's bald head)! She loves to sing her ABCs and does pretty well at it, too!

I started working from home last month. I am now an Independent Consultant for Close To My Heart! I'm super excited about being able to help contribute to our finances (in a good way) and be able to set my own schedule, as well as have a great excuse to be crafty! I'll be starting a blog soon just for my projects, I'll share it once its up and running!

My health has continued to improve, which has been a blessing. Although I still suffer from my migraines, but now we've reached the beginning of cooler weather they have decreased some and now that I know to avoid MSG & Sodium Nitrate. I'm excited to enjoy life as I continue to improve my health.

Well, I have got to run, I hear Fallon calling to me from his booster seat. He must be done with his dinner!