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Monday, September 2, 2013


I can hardly believe how long its been so I blogged! My life seemed to take all kinds of crazy turns this year and now things are beginning to settle down once again. So maybe I will finally be able to blog more often. I do miss it. Although I think the break was just what I needed, I was getting a chance to enjoy my family.

Aidan started Kindergarten a week ago and seems to be really enjoying himself. Although, he still continues to hide behind myself or my Hubby every time we take him and anyone talks to him. But once he gets to class he seems to do fine and hasn't had any issues according to his teacher. I still can hardly believe my baby is in school already. I'm glad he likes it, that he's learning and that he's making friends.

Aislynn is jealous! She wants so badly to be in school with Aidan, but we keep telling her that she'll get to go next year. We've been trying to make sure that she gets some special time with each of us. My hubby took her to the library last week and picked out books & movies to share. I'm not sure what she & will do this week, but we'll come up with something.

Pixie and Fallon are growing like crazy. Fallon gives kisses and toddles around like crazy. He is so smart! Pixie causes all kinds of mischief and loves to brush everyone's hair (or Daddy's bald head)! She loves to sing her ABCs and does pretty well at it, too!

I started working from home last month. I am now an Independent Consultant for Close To My Heart! I'm super excited about being able to help contribute to our finances (in a good way) and be able to set my own schedule, as well as have a great excuse to be crafty! I'll be starting a blog soon just for my projects, I'll share it once its up and running!

My health has continued to improve, which has been a blessing. Although I still suffer from my migraines, but now we've reached the beginning of cooler weather they have decreased some and now that I know to avoid MSG & Sodium Nitrate. I'm excited to enjoy life as I continue to improve my health.

Well, I have got to run, I hear Fallon calling to me from his booster seat. He must be done with his dinner!

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