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Monday, September 23, 2013

New Journeys

Kindergarten. Army. House Cleaning. Kids. This Fall has already started full and not just a little bit chaotic! As a family we are making new journeys and learning together how to move forward. Aidan started Kindergarten and boy has that thrown us all for a loop. I'm happy he's learning, if not perhaps all that comes with public school, and I'm super happy that he's learning new things, making new friends, etc. The schedule for the school is less then ideal, Noon to 2:50 Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Fri. Wed is early out day and so he has to be at school by 10 and is there til 11:50. It makes planning trips into town tricky. Point of Fact: last week we had to leave Aidan & Aislynn all day with an amazing friend so I could go to the Dr's and get groceries. (Of course every thing that could go wrong that day, did!) We're adjusting. I'm sure it takes more then a few weeks or even a month to do so, but boy, I'm ready to have life settle down.

Another new Journey began last month. I started a home business. I am now an Independent Consultant for Close To My Heart and super excited to see my business take off. I've finally purchased enough supplies to really get a chance to play with our products and of course have an excuse to be crafty! What woman needs much of an excuse for that? LOL! I'm also super nervous about this because a lot of what is needed to succeed is way, way out of my comfort zone. So, I'm trying to take big steps to overcome and do well.

I have my first Workshop/Scrapbook event this weekend and I am nervous, but excited because this can open so many doors for my business. We are making a super cute 2-page layout for Halloween and eating yummy pizza! I hope that I get a good turn out, so keep me in your prayers that I do. You want to check out my new Blog, head Here or want to check out Close To My Heart products head Here.

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