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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pregnancy Updates

I know my blog has been pretty boring these days, lots of pregnancy surveys which are so redundant. If anyone knows of some better pregnancy info things to do let me know, I'm all ears. Anyway, so today I thought I'd update in a different way, by just telling you what's been going on. In some ways my pregnancy has been less exciting as far as being poked & prodded, things shoved down my nose, etc. And I'm really ok with that. I think total I spent about 7 or 8 weeks getting poked and prodded for IV therapy, then I had a feeding tube or NJ tube down my nose for another two weeks, but now the morning sickness is bearable. I still take meds to help but I'm not throwing everything up and I'm finally gaining weight. Over the last two weeks I gained 5lbs., which is good, it means I've only gained 4lbs the entire pregnancy with all the bouncing around I did in weight gain during first trimester.

    I have been experiencing a lot of cramping and some very minute spotting over the last month, which is worrying to me. They found at my last ultrasound just before Thanksgiving that my placenta is anterior (or attached upfront) and low lying. My Dr said that it being low that it gets irritated easily and so I have to take it easy and I'm on pelvic rest for at least two more weeks. We'll see if that will change at all. I go in next week for my big 20 week ultrasound and I'm excited to get to see all of my son's body parts. Yes, its official we are having a boy. I've felt as much from the very beginning. I just felt that there was a little boy waiting to come join our little family, and although I would have been just as happy with a girl, I'm glad to be finishing off my family with another boy. My kids are so excited, well at least the two who understand. Aidan talks to my tummy all the time and tells Fallon stories. I feel so forgetful, but we've decided on the name Fallon Robert. Fallon is just a really great Celtic name we liked, and all our kids have Celtic names. And Robert is after Christopher and his grandfather. I like how it sounds together.

    Fallon is quite the night owl and makes it hard to sleep at night. Of course you add to that the general awkwardness of being five months pregnant and not finding a suitably comfortable position to sleep in. Though don't get me wrong on either account, I love feeling him move, it's reassuring and I do get sleep, it's just not that great of sleep. I nap a lot during the day, finding I have no energy after an hour or two of being up and awake. It's nice to get that opportunity, especially since Aidan and Aislynn's terrible terribles stage has been going in full force over the last few weeks. My sweet kids have turned into little monsters. Oh well I guess its part of life. ;) I've also had an increase in migraines, but I think it's partially to blame for the dental work that I'm in need of getting done. Though luckily the Army doesn't like it when soldiers have what they call Class 3 or 2 dental stuff, which apparently I have quite a few of (pregnancy is rough on my teeth), so they will be taking caring of it for me. I just have to wait for the apt to be set up and I did get the ok from my Dr on that (thank heavens). I worried he wouldn't but he said it's better to get it taken care of.

    I've been to drill once already and we have another drill weekend coming up. Luckily, it's going to be a pretty easy weekend. We have the big Army family Christmas party and then a day of classes most likely, and even if it ends up that it's not classes, I'll be helping with paperwork. My Dr doesn't technically want me to even go until the spotting stops, but we need the money since they cut Christopher's hours at work. So, I'll be taking it easy when I do go, I was told anyway that I'm pretty much there for a head count according to the Army and I get paid for it. Kind of nice. Although I worked my butt off last drill to show everyone that just because I'm pregnant doesn't mean I'm going to go hide away and do nothing. I'm not like that. I think I drove my SGT crazy last drill trying to keep busy and the minute he didn't have anything left for me to do I went and found someone else to give me something to do. I was pretty tired after that day, from running around trying to stay busy.

    I hope to put up ultrasound pictures Wednesday, but we'll see what I can do. Anyway that's the update on things. I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and I'm looking forward to fun things to post about Christmas, but have patience for me since I'm not always up to looking at the computer screen. Happy December my friends!

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