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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day 12 Whatever Tickles Your Fancy

I figured that since this is a "Whatever Tickles Your Fancy" Day that I would tell you something unusual about myself that you may not know about me. In order to tell you, I first I have to show you a picture or two.

So, I know that these are some rather unusual pictures from a headstone, a strange looking track that kind of disappears and a ramshackle house. Well, I took these pictures and my hobby is I that I like to take pictures of places and objects of our past. I like to take pictures in cemeteries, OK so that might make me sound really weird and freakish, but I do. This headstone is far nearer than most that I take, but unfortunately all of my older headstone photos are on my other computer which my husband has. I am fascinated by the past and cemeteries tell some of the most fascinating stories. The other two photos are of a 50 Caliber Gun firing track that soldiers trained on while driving in jeeps during WWII down in Wendover and the other is old Military Barracks in Wendover. I love history and so I like taking photos & helping preserve the things of the past.

So, I am actually going to school to become an Archaeologist/Anthropologist so that I can protect artifacts of the past, which puts all of my hobbies to good use. Makes them a little less weird. It also helps me work toward overcoming my claustrophobia. I actually went in two caves in May and spent several hours in them without having a panic attack, which is a first for me (you should just ask my parents or my husband). I even have photographic proof that I did. Go me!

I'm so excited to finally find something to study at school. I have changed my major three times, but I will finally be getting my Associates in three semesters and I am thrilled. Christopher's Dad is also an Archaeologist/Anthropologist and has been my mentor, giving me plenty of reading material, prepping me for my classes. I know I will have all the help I need if there is ever anything I don't understand. I hope you enjoyed learning something new about me!

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