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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 22 A Website

This one is really hard for me, because I really spend most of my time on my blogs & bouncing around reading the couple hundred blogs. Yes, I really do follow that many, most are other Military wives and so it makes me feel connected, because they know how I feel about the military, sending my hubby away and the like. I do really like the website for the Archaeology Magazine because it always has interesting articles. I like Fairy Wonderful that has the cutest dr. esses for girls! (Little girls that is!). One of the blogs I follow is a Marine wife with a like seven month old little girl, whose husband died in March, it is a very heartbreaking blog, but its so beautiful because she's honest and I love it. Her blog is called A Little Pink In A World of Camo. I also really like reading my friend, Sarah's blog, because she is so funny and I never know what she's going to write about next. So, yah I guess those are some of my websites. I hope you'll check them out.

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