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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Signature Sunday: Daddy...

This is going to be one of the many new things I'm going to be attempting to do on my blog, something I'd like to call "Signature Sunday." Signature Sunday is going to be a story, event or photo that classifies as one of my family's Misadventures, which is my signature. I hope that you will enjoy reading it, as much I will enjoy sharing it.

Signature Sunday
My Husband works the graveyard shift on post as a Security Guard and so he comes home & sleeps for a few hours in morning. He gets up around 2 so that he can spend time with the me and the kids before he goes back to work. Our son, Aidan, being two years old doesn't understand that Daddy needs his sleep, so as soon as he wakes up around 9am immediately comes to see Daddy. So, as a 'bribe'  to get our son to leave him alone my Husband keeps Hershey kisses in his nightstand drawer, but this last week I think it worked against him more than it do for him. He also had a package of ritz crackers on top of his nightstand. So, our son came creeping over, "Daddy. Daddy? Daddy?" His little voice getting slowly louder and louder.

He did this until my Husband finally rolled over and said, "What, Aidan?"

"Daddy, Chocolate?"

"Oh, you want chocolate do you?"

"Yeah!" His little face lit up and he jumped up & down in excitement. My husband opened the drawer just enough that, Aidan could stick his little hand inside and grab a kiss.

"Did you get one," my Husband asks him, before closing the drawer. He then helps Aidan unwrap the aluminum wrapping off of the chocolate and in seconds the chocolate has already been stuffed into my son's mouth using both hands.

"Hmmm," he says nodding his head, as he eats its chocolaty goodness. He then runs off to play with his one year old little sister, who is off crawling around somewhere in his room. My Husband sags in exhaustion against the mattress, happy to have made our son happy, but more than happy to be able to lay down and sleep again in peace. I move to cuddle up next to him, very happy to have him home, even if he is sleeping the day away.

Not more than ten minutes has passed, when suddenly a little red head pops up next Daddy's side of the bed and a little voice questions, "Daddy...Cracker?" It takes a few more minutes for my Husband to wake up enough to respond, but between the two of us we get Aidan to ask politely, "Daddy..May..I..Have..A..Cracker?"

"Yes, you may." My Husband, who is so sweet and patient (most of the time), hands our son three or four crackers and sends him off to play. Lays his head down and is snoring again in two seconds flat. Poor guy. You'd think he never gets any sleep. With a son who loves him and adores him as much as Aidan does, he probably doesn't.

Not two minutes later, "Daddy...Cracker?"

My Husband looks at our son incredulously, "Where are the other four I gave you?"

"Share...Baby." We both turn to see that our daughter, Aislynn, has all four crackers clutched tightly in her tiny one year old fists, smiling at us with her big toothy grin. What a sweet brother, but what a snot because he'll never let Daddy sleep at this rate. My Husband, being the sweetheart that he is, hands our son a few more crackers and sends him on his way. Then lays back down and is out before he knows it.

But before too long, we hear, "Daddy..."

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