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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Bloggy Blog

As I looked at my blog in the wee hours of the morning (meaning right now) I realized I haven't really blogged anything that wasn't a cookie cutter piece based off of the '30 Days of Getting To Know Me.' It makes me look like a really big slacker! How Lame! I know I can do so much better, I know it! I can give you all the excuses: I've been really sick, spending time with my hubby & kids and all that. But an excuse is still just an excuse. I still have not written a real blog post thing in quite a while. Bad, Michele, bad!

Honestly though, things have been pretty chaotic at my house these days. We've (OK, rather I've) been planning my kids joint birthday party, which is just a few weekends away and I'm starting to feel just a little frazzled. Especially since a good portion of the RSVPs have been "Sorry, we're got blah blah blah or Its just a bad weekend, sorry." We put it off for over two months for Aidan's birthday and a month for Aislynn's to accommodate people (well, us too), but its still not good enough. Well *raspberry* on you! We didn't want you to come anyway! OK, not true. Especially since everybody with kids seems to be not coming. Sad, huh?

Not only am I stressed about the lack of party goers, but just all the last minute details. We're doing a BBQ potluck & games party in the theme of Princesses, Avatar & Toy Story 3. (Aidan could not make up his mind between Avatar or Toy Story 3, so Christopher said we should do both.) We reserved a room in my In-Law's Church House since it was free, closer to civilization and it meant I didn't have to clean my house! We still have to pick up the meat (hamburgers & hot dogs), paper plates, cups & utensils all of which we will get at Costco using my In-Law's card. We have to pick up a few more presents for the kids and then last, but most importantly, I have to pull together a fabulous cake. I'm still trying to figure out how to incorporate all three themes into one cake. I'll make sure to post a photo so you can all see how I manage. Hopefully it doesn't turn out too awful!

Then on top of party chaos, you add the stress of my Hubby & I trying to get pregnant again. Yup you heard right. We are trying for our last pregnancy and things aren't going so well. We've been trying for almost 8 months now without any luck and I'm starting to worry, especially since I have a fairly severe case of endometriosis that was taken care of temporarily about three years ago by laproscopy, but that doesn't mean it couldn't have come back and caused infertility which is a high chance. Then again, I've been really sick lately and so maybe that means we'll be welcoming a new baby. Too hard to tell, too much to hope for and I'm stressed out. So, as you can see lots on my plate these days.

New Subject: Aislynn said 'Cereal' tonight in of course her cute little one year old voice, which still sounds just off from how you & I might say it. It was still too cute for words, especially since Aidan had been talking about cereal right before she said it. She looks up to him so much, I hope that they stay close as they grow up.

Alright, I hope that this can count for a more bloggy blog and not such a cookie cutter response to a question blog. I should get some sleep seeing as its almost 3am here and with two little ones mornings can start early (not always though). Plus, I have one heck of a migraine and I need some relief from the lights. Good night everyone.

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