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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I Am Alive

I'm alive, if barely (or so I feel). I hoping I'm on the mend now. Whatever it was ran me through the wringer several of times over and secretly I'm hoping that it means that good news will soon be coming our way. Although that will still be weeks away before we would know anything like that. My poor family has suffered while I have been down and out. I've been pretty much bed-ridden for days, so my kids haven't gotten all the attention they deserve from me and my sweet Hubby has picked up the slack although it was during the time when he should have been sleeping.

Although I'm sure my kids have been enjoying their new found freedom. They haven't had to pick up their toys, there are cracker crumbs & chunks everywhere, and cereal pieces here, there & everywhere. All in all, it looks like a tornado has struck my house. I did manage to run a few loads of dishes, as well as a few loads of laundry. Unfortunately, it didn't take much for me to become completely drained and exhausted. My Hubby had to help me back to bed a few times. I love my Hubby! I don't know what I would do without him.

Now, I have to put all my focus on my kids birthday party that's coming up later this week. There is still so much to be done, just thinking about it is wearing me out.  I still have presents to buy, food to buy for the BBQ part, an elaborate cake to create, gift bags to put together and of course I still have to set up the room we've reserved the day of. Does anybody want to come help me? It feels like so much to do all by myself.

Sorry, my post is all over the place. I'm still really worn out and this really does talk alot to sit up & type. I will post up my next Day of me. I can't promise how much I'll post until after the birthday, but I'll try to put a little something so you know I'm still alive.

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