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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Writer's Workshop: I Miss the Friend You Used To Be

Another Mama's Losin' It writer's workshop. Can I just say she comes up with some of the most creative prompts. I picked this prompt and just let my fingers do the talking. I can't believe what ended up on the screen and even though its sad, I think it was something that I've needed to say for a long time. I hope you won't get too depressed reading it. I'll try to write another prompt tomorrow and hopefully it will be more cheerful. Enjoy!

I miss the friend you used to be. I can’t figure out where we went ‘wrong’ and why I don’t hear from you anymore. I hate feeling alone. I hate feeling like just because I want to be myself, that no one will be my friend. I hate pretending that I’m some one I’m not and I hate pretending that having no friends doesn’t hurt. I miss the friend you used to be. We could talk about anything and giggle like crazy! I wasn’t afraid of what you would say and how I would feel when we would spend time together. Its been real lonely since I found out that your spouse hates me and although you don’t say it out right, we both know its true. I miss the friend you used to be. I hate that I’m the one always trying and that I feel like I call you to ask for your advice, because I don’t know what to say to you anymore. I miss when you’d call me just to tell me how life was going or when you’d call to say ‘Let’s go hang out.’ I miss that! I hate feeling alone. I miss having girlfriends to have ‘Girls Night Out’ with. I hate sitting at home day after day, friendless and blue. I miss the friend you used to be. Why does it seem like the people I start to get along with all live far away and are only my friends through our blogs? I hate feeling desperate, but without friends that’s what I am. I miss having grown up girl talk and not always talking to a two year old, a one year old and to a snoring spouse. (Even he doesn’t have time for me.) I miss the friend you used to be. I miss being a friend to myself, but I’m depressing! I miss having someone to plan scrapbooking days with and be able to relax & have fun. I miss you answering your phone. Sometimes I think you are ignoring my calls, maybe you’re really not, but you never call back. I miss the friend you used to be. I miss you, I do. Will somebody be my friend? Will somebody tell me that they care? Will you come back? Come back and be my friend again? I miss having friends and not feeling so alone. I  miss the friend you used to be!

Mama's Losin' It

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  1. Visiting from SITS. That was very touching and quite poetic.