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Monday, August 2, 2010

Kids' Birthday Shindig

Aidan & Aislynn's big birthday celebration was a success I think. We had the party at Christopher's parents' ward house, because we thought we'd have more people show up if it was in town vs out in Dugway and I didn't want to clean my house to fit that many people. We had a really good turn out somewhere around 25-30 people showed up and we partied eating really yummy BBQ food. I made a cake for the kids and had been up all night working on it. The cake itself took me 15 hours, it was this really pretty castle covered with Princesses and a Toy Story toy box & all of our Toy Story friends old & new. I worked so hard on it, but unfortunately with an almost two hour drive to get to the birthday site and the poor cake didn't make it. It started loosing towers when Christopher brought it out to the car and by the time we were halfway there it had lost four more. I cried! I'll admit it, I'd worked so hard and watched it fall all to pieces. My sweet Hubby ended up making a run to Walmart and picked up an ice cream cake. I transfered all of the characters onto the ice cream cake. Everyone enjoyed seeing the cake I had attempted and felt bad that it had fallen apart. The ice cream cake tasted really good and we had a blast. Aidan & Aislynn made out like little bandits as far as presents went. Thanks everybody who came and we missed all of you who couldn't come. Next year, I'm going simple as far as birthdays are concerned! It was a lot of work to get this party going! Here are the photos of the party.


  1. Kids' birthday parties are the best! Bummer about your cake :( I would have cried too!

  2. I think it was all that hard work gone to waste and lack of sleep that set me off. Oh well, I learned a lesson, I guess.