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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


So, I have been a slacker this last week and I do apologize. This pregnancy is running me through the wringer and I have no energy, I sleep a good chunk of the day away. Plus you add in the all day sickness and that just makes life miserable. I have been so grateful the last two days, because some of the amazing women in my Church have been helping me out. They take my kids during the day until my husband wakes up and than I've had someone here to help me out with my kids until bedtime after Hubby leaves. Its allowed me to rest and its sooo nice. I've noticed that when I've been up alot and have over done it, thats when I notice I spot and I cramp. I see bedrest as a permanent thing through out this pregnancy.

My week has been pretty boring. We did have my Hubby's Unit's Family Day this last weekend, but it wasn't the highpoint it normally is. I think its due to the FRG Presidency changeover and so, it wasn't very organized and felt too chaotic. Oh well, it was free food, lots of water things and they had some fun games for the kids to play after you purchased tickets. I know my son and daughter had fun, thats what really matters. Then we stayed the night at my In-Laws, which was ok. I was really hoping for more help with my kids on Sunday so I could rest, but it didn't happen and I guess its ok, not much to be done about it now. I just hope we'll get more help from both families as the pregnancy goes along.

Now, the big thing for me is if they decide to officially put me on bedrest tomorrow at my appt then it will be finding things to occupy my time. I don't know what I'm going to do with myself. I know my Ward (Church) is more than happy to help with my kids, my house and meals, but I'd love someone to come over and do something with me ;). Is that weird? Any suggestions of things to do during my bedrest days?

I'll keep you all informed on how my appt goes tomorrow and I'll hopefully even get to post up a picture of the baby. ;) Until tomorrow!

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