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Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Quest

We have ourselves a Quest; a Quest for….Dragons! Seriously, for Dragons! I don’t know how many of you have been to see How to Train Your Dragon, but it is one of the cutest movies ever and a movie that Aidan, my two year old, will actually sit through! I was astounded at how good he was when we saw it the first time and even more so when he sat through it a second time in the theatres. Since then, well I guess Aidan had a love for dragons before this, but it has been even more so since we took him to see the movie. This inspired us to track down How To Train Your Dragon toys to be given for birthdays, Christmas and I guess, a general ‘Here you’ve been good, have a dragon!’

In seeking out the fabulous Dragon toys, we found that they are only sold at Wal-Mart. Great, we shop there all the time. But we were met with a grave challenge, Wal-Mart had been sold out of the dragon figures for weeks now and their warehouse was empty. Drat! We were told that if the warehouse is empty than more than likely they won’t be getting more. Double drat! Than to add to that we found that Wal-Mart has a freakin’ monopoly on How to Train Your Dragon toys! Unbelievable! It kind of made me angry that Wal-Mart had a monopoly on these toys, but then add the fact that they hadn’t been prepared for such a craze with this merchandise! Dumb people!

Then I got the brilliant idea to look up the option to purchase said toys through other means like eBay, Amazon, etc. I about had a heart attack when I found that these toys that ran between $5 & $12 in the store, were going for $70, $80 and even over a hundred if you wanted to buy Toothless. Asinine! I wasn’t going to pay that much for a toy that was cheaper than that in stores (if you could find them). I wasn’t going to do it.

We didn’t want to give up hope though, so every time we went to Wal-Mart we checked the toy aisle in hopes of finding a dragon or two. But a month or two went by and still nothing. I’ll admit I was really disappointed, Wal-Mart has a ‘spackling of things, but not a enough of anything.’ (So says my Husband) For once I really and truly agreed with that idea.

Then out of the blue about three weeks ago, while one of the stores we shop at has been under major remodeling, we decided to check out the Toy Department. And there…There were three dragons. Three big dragons! Three different dragons! I grabbed those dragons up lickity-split and tucked them in my cart. I told my Hubby that we were buying them, end of discussion. He didn’t argue too much. Of course none of them were Toothless, but that’s okay were just glad to finally be able to buy dragons.

Then today, we stopped at that same Wal-Mart and my Hubby ran inside to see if the larger tent we need for our big Labor Day weekend campout was in stock by chance. Once again sold out online and maybe if you’re lucky you can find it in the store. Anyway, he ran into check and decided to peek at the toy section. And there sitting on the shelf were two large Toothless dragons! Not thinking he only purchased one of them, he should have snagged both of them. Although he went in looking for a tent (which was not in at that store, but at another one), he came out with the dragon we’ve been dying to get! Lucky us! I’m so glad that we happened to find them, it made my day!

So, there you have it Our Quest For Dragons!

Here is our precious Dragon purchase! Ooooo, pretty!

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