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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Oi For Days Like Today

Today has just been one of those days and not in a good way! I have been so nausious today that I can't even get out of bed without worrying about throwing up all over everything. Of course, I still have to get out a bed to take care of my two crazy little munchkins. Somehow I managed to not throw up at all today, but I spent most of the day in bed. My sweet Hubby got up after he'd slept a few hours after work and made dinner since I was sick. I love my Husband and I don't know what I did to deserve him!

Of course both kids decided to both be so tired and grouchy, that they wouldn't sleep. I tell you what I'm hating the terrible twos, but at the same time my son as these moments where he does the cutest things and than two minutes later he can be a little monster. Aidan's new thing is to climb into my bed and pull up the covers. He then tells you, "I seeping!" And as soon as you've awknowledged that he's asleep, than he'll pipe up, "I wake. I wake." What a little angel!

I can so do without all the screaming and crying they both do. I'm not sure how to get it to stop. Aidan stands at his bedroom door and screams when its bed time. I can go in there every ten minutes, every five minutes for that matter and he will still find something else he wants to give to 'Baby.' Some days aren't so bad and other days, I want to scream right along with him! I guess its just the life of a Momma.

I hope everybody had a really great day today and that tomorrow is even better. I guess I'll start to wind down for the night! Its getting late and I have to go into town tomorrow.

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