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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Life is Chaos

Or so it feels these days. I've been pretty sick this last week and than add in the fact that I'm helping plan my sister's wedding, I swear that my life is Chaos. I starting to realize just how little my sister knows about wedding planning and she seems to have little drive beyond my Mom & I. I guess in a round about way I'm getting to plan a 'dream wedding.'  Not mine, but I feel I'm doing more planning than A is. Its a little frustrating that my sister is lagging so much on decisions, but I'm still not sure reality has sunk in yet. The two big things I'm working on at the moment is designing her wedding cake (yikes!) and finding either a baby blue dress or a baby blue shirt that will fit me in October. I'm not having any success on either one. :( The first needs more info from A and the other I just can't find anything in baby blue, let alone something I actually like. Uggg, why is it so hard to find something that I like?

With all this stuff going on, I seem to just have time to post up something very simple or photos. Sometimes I even get to read some of the really great blogs I follow. I feel like such a slacker. I'm sure trying to get back on the wagon, but its proving more difficult than I thought. Anyway, I'll try to do better with posting more things with substance. I hope you all have a really great night!

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