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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Writer's Workshop:If You Could Stop Time...

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Perhaps I’m just really boring, but honestly the first thing that popped into my head when I read the prompt ‘If you could stop time for 24 hours, what would you accomplish?”, was all of the housework that has been in desperate need of getting done. Boring, right? These days, while I lay in my bed doing a whole lot of nothing (it seems anyway), I think about the dishes not getting washed, the laundry not being done and all the other finite things that need to be done in house with two toddlers. So, you would laugh to know that I have no idea what fun things I would do in that 24 hours. Perhaps I’d take my kids somewhere fun like the local Children’s Museum or the zoo. Yet that doesn’t seem like the most adventurous thing to do. Maybe I would travel somewhere far away and enjoy relaxing without worrying about rushing back anywhere. It most certainly would make going on vacation last longer without putting jobs in jeopardy.

Then again maybe I’d stay home and work on my scrapbooking, which is fairly behind now that I have two kids. I could catch up on all the photos and be able to enjoy scrapbooking even more when I’m not feeling so burdened with so many older photos. That would be fun. I’d invite some of my girlfriends over and we would make a girl’s day. Sounds good to me. I could also work on my quilting projects. I could find dozens of different projects that are just waiting for me to work on them.

Maybe I would spend the day reading all the books that are on my list. I would be able to get through quite a few in that 24 hours of ‘no time.’ Then I could have time to reread some of my favorite books, instead of feeling so bogged down by all the other books I want to read and had never read before. That could be really fun. I love reading and never have enough time to read. Kids keep me plenty busy, even while I’m on bed rest. I guess I’d really make sure my 24 hours of ‘no time’ held a little of everything. That way I could get things accomplished around my house, but still have time to enjoy the time with my family, friends and myself.

There is always so much to do and so little time to accomplish it in. I think even with time stopping for 24 hours I think I would still have so much to do that it couldn’t all get it done. I guess that’s what life is really like there is always something to do and never enough time in a day to do it.


  1. Mom is a never ending work. So I think even if u can freeze time for 24 hour, its not enough :)

  2. Don't I know it! With a one year old and two year old, and being pregnant sure makes life interesting and very chaotic. But I would never change a thing. Though I think I'd enjoy a day of all me time, every once in a while.

  3. It does seem like I seldom get done everything I'd like to do in a day; however, at least I manage to get done the things that need to be done so that's something.

    Stopping by from writer's workshop. Here's a link to my post if you get a chance to squeeze it into your already busy day:

  4. that is so true... 24 hours would be nice but we could always use more.