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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Talented Tuesday

I'm not sure if I've posted these photos before, but its all I could find for Talented Tuesday. And seeing how I'm sick in bed with a massive migraine, I really don't feel like looking very far for my Talent of the day. I have developed a passion for cake decorating and I don't mean simple icing with a little writing on top. I mean cakes like this APC for my Father-in-Law's birthday or the dragon I made for my husband's birthday. The Dragon took me 9 hours, all through the night to finish and it was worth it. The APC actually took me 14+ hours and I still felt that I could have used more time on it. He liked it just the way it was. I also made a birthday cake for my kid's joint birthday party. It had a castle with all the Disney Princesses and the toy box from Toy Story. Unfortunately I never got a chance to take a picture of the finished project and on the two hour drive to the party location it fell apart. And I do mean completely apart. I was about four or five weeks pregnant and so I bawled & bawled. I worked about 16+ hours on the cake to watch it fall to pieces. It wasn't a good day for me. It won't stop me however from making more cakes. I think my kid sister-in-law wants me to make her a dragon cake in November for her birthday. We'll see how I feel at 19 to 20 weeks along, if I have the energy to take on such a project. So, that's this week's Talent. I hope you enjoyed it!

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