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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dr Appts, Dr Appts and More Dr Appts!

This last week was absolutely nuts. I mean even more so than normal for my family. We had three Dr appts this week, which required three separate trips into town. Thats no easy feat seeing as thats an hour and 45 min drive each way! We had my 16 week appt on Wednesday. I gained 8lbs since my 12 week appt. 8lbs! I could hardly believe it. I have never gained so much at one time frame so early in my pregnancy. I was very worried about it, but the Dr said that as long as I didn't continue to put on weight like that I was ok. I'm just supposed to avoid large amounts of sugar and try to eat healthy. It really sucks seeing as Halloween is this weekend and all the other holidays over the next two months. (Although I can't pack in sweets the way I used to!) I guess I'll just have to make do and be careful. My other thought was perhaps the weight gain meant that the other baby was thriving. So, my Dr set up an appt for Friday to do another ultrasound. I was scared about what we would find. Or wouldn't find. And the waiting was awful!

Thursday we went to Aislynn's 15 month appt. She now weighs 21lbs 10 oz. She didn't really gain a whole lot since her 12 month appt, where she weighed 19lbs 14 oz. It puts her in like the 27% for weight and she's 30" tall putting her in the 31%. She's still so little. We got to talk to the Dr about some of our concerns, like the fact that she doesn't really say a whole lot, but she does say four words and so he said that she should be able to say anywhere from 4 to 6 words at this point. Ok, one thing to not worry about. We talked about her temper tantrums and he said that its common & will get worse before it gets better. Then she was diagnosed with night terrors where she wakes up screaming in the middle of the night and fights you until she is fully awake, then she wants to be held. Makes for long nights. He said she'd out grow it. She got three shots, including the flu shot and boy was she not happy about that. We all got flu shots actually, we figured we might as well while we were there. So, her appt was pretty good and we don't have to go back until January for her 18 month check up.

After a lot of waiting, Friday finally arrived and we made our long trip into town. I was really, really nervous. I wasn't sure what we were going to see and I was terrified. We went into the ultrasound room as soon as we got there. Right off the bat we could see the one baby, squirming around like crazy doing very boxer like moves. Then she moved it over to my left horn and what we saw was a big fat nothing. There were no longer any signs of the other baby, which said it all. We had lost the baby and it had been reabsorbed into my body. It broke my heart and I wanted to cry. I actually held that in until last night, but that's another story. She did some quick measurements on the baby and the baby is growing right on schedule, weighing about 1/2 oz.

I can hardly believe that I'm only three weeks away from being half way done with this pregnancy. I kind of wish that it was over already and that I had my baby in my arms. My husband reminded me that if I skipped all of the 'fun' of being pregnant it wouldn't make the whole thing worthwhile. Having a baby would be great, but I wouldn't have worked for it. So, that's the latest on my life. Other than suffering massive migraines and all day sickness, I've just pushed forward. I've been taken off bed rest, but still need to take it easy. Let's see if we can stay off of bed rest for the rest of the pregnancy, I'm not holding my breathe, but we can hope right? Anyway, so if my posts are few and far between its due to the migraines they really wipe me out. And I try not to do a whole lot on my computer.

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