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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dinner With the In Laws

Or I guess rather with my sister's soon to be in-laws. It was definitely a unique experience and one that I don't pity my sister having to go through with all these people you don't know. We did have a huge chunk of our family there, but she knows all them and knows what to expect from them. While his family is something else. Although I know at one point she was thoroughly embarrassed by my Dad's immature behavior, but as I pointed out to my husband later that 'Its my Dad.' And it was enough said. He was teaching my very impressionable two year old how to suck up jello with his straw and blow it at other people. I scolded my Dad for teaching my son such naughty things, but I also realize that its a grandpa's job, as it is a father's job to teach kids bad things. Its inevitable. I've excepted it and I really didn't do much to stop him. My sister kept telling my dad that he was embarrassing her in front of all of her honey's family. My Dad pointed out that none of them were watching. He had a point. In fact you would have thought we weren't together, his family and ours. They sat segregated on one side and our family on the other. I really didn't see too much mingling going on and I kind of thought that was the point. I honestly don't know seeing how the family dinner we had when Christopher and I got married was to IHOP after we were married as the celebratory meal. It was also a fairly small group compared to tonight's deal. I hope for my sister's sake that we all didn't embarrass her too much! Although all I can say is she should just wait til she sees what we have up our sleeves as far as car decoration for leaving the reception on Saturday! My brother-in-law should be worried too since his wedding is tomorrow and my hubby is his best man. All I can say is here comes trouble!

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