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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Sketon Ate My Apple

'The Sketon will eat my apple, Mom,' Aidan informed me yesterday evening, as I stood by the door on his side of the car. We were at the top of a mountain pass on our way home from running a quick errand and we'd stopped so I could toss his apple core into the bushes so we could feed the deer. That's what I told him, so I didn't hear the rest of the way home, 'My apples yucky, Mom. Yucky. You have it. It's yucky.' I was beyond exhausted at this point, I've made as few trips outside my house with the kids since my surgery as possible I just can't seem to keep up my energy long. I become irritable quickly and my strength drains quickly as well, so carrying them and chasing them becomes near impossible. So I figured the deer would love such a sweet treat and it wasn't really littering.

So, as I got out and showed him where I was tossing it. I saw the skeleton of what I assumed was a deer, I pointed it out to him. Which as a three year old, who has really been getting a kick out of watching Tim Burton's Corpse Bride the last month, thought it was soooo cool.

He wanted to see more of it and then of course Aislynn on the other side of the car & the other side of Rhiannon's carseat wanted to see too. So, being 'Supermom' I found the least gross piece of bone, which was a piece of jawbone and took it over to show them. I then realized it was actually a coyote or something carnivorous, not a deer. Aidan liked that it had teeth, he knew what that was.

We then got on our way home, when he proceeded to tell me that the Sketon was going to eat his apple. I tried really hard to explain to him that skeletons were dead and that they didn't eat things. He didn't believe/understand. So, I gave up and let him believe whatever his cute little three year old imagination wanted to believe. So, the 'Sketon ate his apple.'

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