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Monday, May 9, 2011

My Mother's Day

Although, I didn't have the kind of Mother's Day I would have hoped for my Hubby didn't forget about me either. The morning he left he sent me out to get us some breakfast bowls from the freezer in our garage. Sort of an Army style last date before he was off to his 'Big Adventure.' I headed out there and sitting on top of our deep freezer was this.....

and a very sweet card, which I didn't read until he had left. Probably a good thing cause I bawled the whole way through it, but it was so nice knowing that he hadn't forgotten me in all the craziness that is the life of getting ready to go away with the Army. He also called me this morning or rather yesterday morning at one of the few locations that he has reception to wish me 'Happy Mother's Day.' It was nice, but it was sad since he could only talk for a moment and I wanted more. But isn't that how it always is as a MilSpouse when your spouse is gone? We love whatever we get from them as far as communication goes, but its never enough and we'd do just about anything to have more. Then we get to deal with the uncertainty of when they'll call back and since my cell phone is on the fast decline (a very bad thing in this day and age) I can't even send him texts. Anyway, it really wasn't too bad of a day. Although I would have preferred something fancier for dinner than Tostinos frozen pizza, but with two picky toddlers and me, why make something fancy and expensive? There wasn't. So, maybe my Hubby will treat me out when he gets back? Happy Mother's Day.

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