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Monday, May 23, 2011

Necessary Purchase

Sorry ladies nothing fun. When my Hubby comes home I'm going to make him buy an edger. Yeah, exciting, huh? Let's just say edging the lawn with kitchen shears sucks! (I tried to track down a funny picture, but I couldn't ;) ) I'm not kidding I just got doing a small portion of the edge of my house because I haven't been able to track down an edger. I'm paranoid about housing coming around and docking points since my yard isn't edged.

Unfortunately the place on post that lets us check out yard equipment has hours convenient for them but not for me a currently 'single' mother of three. I can't exactly drag all three of my little ones over there and cart lawn equipment at the same time. Not to mention I'm still just not up to my normal self from surgery and the idea of actually doing the yard work wears me out. Makes my abdomen hurt, too. Recovering from surgery stinks. I hope everyone has a happy Monday. ;)

By the way, thanks for all the voting you guys have all been doing for me and the blog on Circle of Moms' Top 25 Military Family Blogs. We're currently sitting tied for #31 and we have two days left, we just might make it if we all keep voting every 24 hours. I would really love to receive this recognition, so please help the blog out. ;)

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