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Monday, May 9, 2011

My Dream Ring

I promise I really do intend on going to bed and soon, but I had to share this picture I found. When Christopher and I were dating he picked an engagement & wedding band set for the 'someday' when we'd get married. He printed off a picture to show me and wrote the words I promise underneath. Well, a couple years later when we were really ready to get married we could no longer find this ring, but I still had the photo and we both knew that we could probably find some custom shop to make it for us but money was, is and probably will be for a while an issue. Anyway, I decided out of the blue yesterday to look at various Celtic style rings. We are very true to our heritage if you can't tell by our children's names: Aidan, Aislynn and Rhiannon. Low and behold I found my ring. I was delighted. Still can't afford it, but I found it. Here it is in all its Celtic glory.

I think its absolutely gorgeous and the bands have the same design just minus the diamond. For now I wear a sterling silver sliver band with a 1/4 kt diamond and a plain gold band purchased from Walmart the day we got married for $75. They work. I've had them the entire I've been married, but someday I want the fancy matching set. Remind me sometime to tell you the story about where my engagement ring came from, its an interesting story. Alright, I truly am off to bed at least for a while before my little Pixie decides its time to eat again. I hope to hear from you all soon.

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