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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Writer's Workshop:...And Then I Panicked

This story is crazy and unbelievable even, but I swear to you that it really happened. As a Senior in high school, I was a big time Drama Geek (I guess that covers all my years in high school). Anyway, I was helping with our school’s production of Les Miserables and had many friends in the lower grades that were in the show. I was actually dating my future husband at the time and Prom was coming up. He didn’t have the money to take me and so I’d resigned myself to not being able to attend. Then the crazy thing happened and even after all these years I still have a hard time believing it really happened.

Closing night of the show finally arrived and everyone was feeling elated, because it had been an amazing run and we were all grateful to have been apart of it. One of my Sophomore buddies snagged me right after curtain call and dragged me literally into the Guys dressing room. I thought it was a little weird and I was confused on what was exactly going on. He sat me down on a chair in the very front of the room and made his way over to a boom box on the floor. Now I was really starting to wonder what was going on.

Suddenly, the song “I’m to Sexy” started to play and he stood in front of me, beginning to take off his tux jacket….and then I panicked. He made sure to draw out how long this was taking and I was getting more & more nervous about what he was doing. Next came the vest. Then the tie. When he started on the shirt buttons, I just about ran out of the room, but my legs were stuck and I wasn’t going anywhere. I kept thinking “Andrew, you have got to stop. What are you doing?” Of course I said nothing. (Chicken!)
As the last of his buttons were undone and I was about undone, he yanked his shirt open to reveal this: WILL YOU GO TO PROM WITH ME? I think I about died when I read that! I still was in shock over this crazy way to ask a girl to a dance. Of course I said yes. Who could say no after something like that? The sad irony was the very next day Christopher’s dad gave him the money to take me to Prom! Let’s just say no one particularly enjoyed that Prom.


  1. Actually, I think that is pretty darn cool!

  2. It most certainly made for the most creative means of asking me to a dance. His wife and I still laugh about the fact my most embarresing moment involves her Hubby! Its a day I'll never forget!

  3. Thanks so much for joining in the MilSpouse Round-up this week! Hope you all had a lovely weekend :)