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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I Have Returned

Hey Everybody, I'm back. We got back from a family vacation on Sunday and boy, am I exhausted from vacation. I did have tons of fun. We went camping and explored at the Fort Bridger, Wyoming Mountain Men Rendevouz. Its a tradition every year that we go with Christopher's family and we all get dressed up in pre-1840 attire. This year proved to be somewhat of a let down, though and that makes me sad. My Brother-in-law did the planning this year and we all chipped in to pay for the campsite & meals. I think after this experience we ALL will be helping to plan, it was just insane. We didn't get a say in what was cooked (although he asked for suggestions, he was a little crazy about everything being pre-1840), they refused to help with the cooking & clean up when everybody actually showed up 'saying that they had done all the cooking & cleaning before' (which was like three meals, while it was two extra people outside of them & their kids) and I hated all the arguing that went on due to that. Next year more say!
I could hardly eat any of the food due to all-day sickness, luckily we came prepared with yogurt & instant mashed potatoes (which is about all I could eat.) The other thing that made this trip not as fun, was it was incredibly hot during the day and reached freezing at night. We spent two nights dealing with screaming kids all night long and with all that we decided to go home early. My body wasn't handling any of it very well and I'm supposed to be on bedrest.

That's right *smacking hand to forehead* I haven't told you about my ER visit last Monday. I was having some crazy bad pain in my left side and I thought I was passing a kidney stone (I have a history of them during pregnancy). So, Christopher left work early and we headed the hour & a half into town to go the hospital. I got meds, which was a so amazingly helpful! What they found wasn't so helpful! They think there might have been a stone that caused a slight back up of fluid in my kidney, but their was no sign of the stone. And here's the kicker, I have a bleed under my placenta. Its kind of stressful, since I learned it can cause a miscarriage and can cause me to die if it becomes placenta abrupto. Now, I'm on bedrest and I'm still relying on the generosity of the members of my Church to take care of my kids, while I can't.

So that's what new at the Southworth Household!

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