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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Talented Tuesday: Let Us Say ‘See You Later, Not Goodbye’

I know things weren’t great towards the end, that I was far from easy to live with.
I’m telling you now, although I know you’re hurting and you feel all alone
I’m still there with you, with you and with our kids, I never really left.
I hope you know as I whisper this to you in your dreams, that I never meant for it to be this way.
That I never meant to cause so much pain to you or our babies.
How I was in the end is not how I wanted to say goodbye, to end our time on Earth.
How I love you, my Love, and how I miss you already.
When you feel alone, know that the gentle breeze ruffling your hair is really me,
The gentle patter of rain on the window is really me trying to tell you I’m here.
I’ll never really leave you and so,
Let us say ‘See You Later and Not Goodbye.’
Never goodbye, my Love.
I’ll see you in our dreams

Dedicated to Nate Day April 28, 1979-September 5, 2010
and to his wife, Jolene Day

Its really sad story, because he was really sick and due to that he got really mean in the end. So mean that she moved back to Utah and they were going through a separation at the time of his death. She got the news over the phone that he had died in his sleep. It makes me so very sad. They have two little girls, like 6 and 2. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

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