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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Terrible Twos and His Sister

Oi, so my son has finally hit that stage and I wonder which of us will survive: Him, me or his sister? It seems he went from sweetheart to monster overnight. He hits and pushes, mostly its poor Aislynn who gets the brunt of his cruelty, but he has even hit Mommy and Daddy. He even back talks, which amazes me for a two year old.

To make matters worse, sister seems to be right there with him. She hits, scratches, pinches, and lets off a shriek that is supersonic. She just turned one! My question is why? I thought Aidan would be out growing the phase when she'd be hitting it, not both being "terrible 2" at the exact same time!

Hugs have even become a dangerous thing at our house. Aidan has been punished for 'hugging' sister's neck. This morning her face was turning purple thanks to this not so cool big brother hug. Who knew hugs could be lethal, especially between a one year old and a two year old.

We are working on time out with Aidan, but he really doesn't understand and there's no way Aislynn would understand. Any suggestions? "No" and "We don't..." just doesn't seem to work either. When my hubby came back from drill a few weekends ago I was at my wits end thanks to my 'wonderful' kids being snots! Oh well I guess kids will be kids. I do love my kids, but they sure have a way of trying this SAHM's patience! ;)

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  1. Fun stuff. Ari's just starting into that stage (he'll turn two next month). He's so sassy, he tells me 'no', plugs his ears when I try to talk to him, and sometimes pinches. Luckily for me, Raith isn't old enough to copy him like Aislynn is doing.