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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This my life!

I’ve been feeling guilty for my lack of real posting the last couple of weeks, you would think that while I’m on bed rest I’d have plenty of time to do so and even have interesting stories to tell. But not really! I feel my life has gotten boring and I spend a lot of time sleeping these days. The most excitement I’ve had was I went to stay with my parents over the weekend with the kids while my Hubby was at a very long drill. I needed the help with my kids, so it seemed like a logical thing to do. I got to attend a local Bridal Show with my Mom & sister. I got to be silly and help my sister win prizes for her wedding, by going through as a bride myself! I wish in some ways I could really afford to do a big wedding get together to make up for not having a anything fancy when we first got married, but we can’t afford it. So, I won my sister a free tossing bouquet! I did have lots of fun pretending to be a bride and when I’d get asked when we were getting married I’d say ‘Oh sometime after my baby is born.’ I had lots of fun with my sister talking wedding stuff and seeing what kinds of things she wanted or liked or didn’t like while we were there.

Not too terribly exciting beyond that. I bought some sweet munchies that I was craving at this great bakery while I was in town. I’ve been craving donuts for weeks now and they tasted fabulous. And I let my son eat a cupcake for breakfast that last morning there. Aren’t I so nice? That’s been my life as of late!

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