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Monday, August 1, 2011

Writer's Workshop: 'Loss'

There is a hole.
A hole I can't forget
One that won't fill in.
It leaves me empty.
Yearning for what can't be mine.
Not yet.
I try to be ok
I feel its expected
Demanded even.
How can I?
It hurts.
The reminders are there
All around why some are lucky
And some are not.
I feel the loss.
I feel the pain.
I'll plaster a smile on my face
Pretend your joy
Isn't my pain.
But it is.
So I'll lie.
I'll pretend.
That my heart isn't aching.
I'll keep the peace
And let you have your joy.
I'll keep my loss
Tucked away.
You all will forget
And I'll try.
To forget my loss.