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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Leaving On A Jet Plane

Ugh. It has begun. Preparing for my kids' first plane ride and I'M NERVOUS! I'm excited to go on a trip at the expense of the US Army, but three kids under four is a lot of kids to keep occupied for an almost three hour flight and that's not including any layovers. (We haven't officially received our orders that contain our flight info, go figure.) We're even considering staying a few extra days in Chicago to enjoy more of the sights, especially since I haven't been there since I was about a first grader (don't ask me how many years ago that was, let's just say a long while). I'm excited to see all the sights and take my family to places I do remember going to see, as well as many new ones. But for all my excitement, I'm nervous about handling my kids on the plane and the airports. It feels really overwhelming.

Does anybody have any suggestions that will help things go more smoothly (I mean I know that it's inevitable that something will go a little crazy, especially with little kids), but I want to be well prepared for anything and everything as I can. I've read a little about some ways to help, but I'd love to hear some firsthand suggestions. We are taking a double stroller for Aidan and Aislynn, as well as a Moby wrap to carry Rhiannon through the airport. I'm not sure how to handle all the carry on stuff or what would be deemed necessary for on the flight. Diapers, pull-ups, wipes and formula are givens. (By the way can I take a can of formula on the plane or are they crazy about that?) I've traveled by myself before and even with my Hubby (who will be there by the way), but this whole kids thing really has me stressed. I want it to go well.

I need to get another hotel arranged for if we're going to stay longer and ugh, all the details are driving me crazy. I'm hoping we can change our return flight without being charged a fortune per ticket. So as you can see there is so much on my mind as far as this trip goes, I could use some suggestions. You guys are all so awesome I know you'll be able to help me out! There will definitely some awesome pictures to come from the trip, especially since on Monday I'm getting my new camera, a Nikon D3100. I'm so excited! Anyway, I'll try to write some more throughout the week.

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  1. A million snacks. Seriously a million. That's the only thing that kept us going on the plane to Michigan. Playdoh was really helpful also, and we bought one of those 'coloring' books that only need the one wooden pencil and the colors are actually in the page ... that was a really bad description, but I don't know how to explain it better. They have them at WalMart and they were a great alternative to bringing a whole bunch of crayons that could spill.

    Supposedly you are supposed to pre-scoop out the dry formula separated into the bottles.