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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Not Quite So Wordless Wednesday

I realize this is not your typical this is my cute kid photo, but I came across it and had to share. This is what my car looked like after my major car accident in Aug 2007. Getting ready to get on the freeway in Salt Lake one night after work, I found myself behind this stupid van who wouldn't go the speed limit. They were going 25mph and then suddenly they slammed on their brakes, and although I'd already adjusted my speed to match the 25mph the sudden stop was going to force me to slam into them. So I swerved off to the right to avoid hitting them, but the guy in the truck behind me didn't miss me and didn't slow down. He plowed into me going 65mph. I was mostly unharmed. I did whip my head forward, smacked my head on the steering wheel before whipping my head back into my headrest. I had to go be checked out at the hospital, luckily nothing to bad. Whiplash and I still have problems with my lower back, and funny thing is I got pregnant two weeks after this accident with Aidan. Perhaps it was a blessing in disguise. I miss my little Galant, it was my first car ever. Oh well.

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