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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Day In the Life of an Archaeologist

A couple weeks ago, I had the most amazing once in a life time opportunity thanks to my wonderful Father-in-law. My FIL has become my mentor  over the years I've known him. He's an Archaeologist/Historian and with his help I finally decided on a career that would embody all of my quirky hobbies and loves. I love to take photos of cemeteries and old buildings. (Quirky I know and I'll freely admit it) I love seeing historical sites and learning new things about history. Send me somewhere and I could find all of the local historical & archaeological sites to spend my time exploring. ;) I love it!

I enjoy having conversations with my FIL about history and asking him questions about archaeology. I know he secretly loves telling me about their newest projects at work and I love hearing about it. Well, about three or four weeks ago he let me know that they were bidding for a burial project and that I just might be able to come and help. Woohoo! It made my day just to hear that. It took them a week longer to get their bid approved and then he gave me the ok to come up the day after they started the project. Unfortunately, however I could not find a babysitter for my three lovely kids. I was absolutely heartbroken! I'd been anticipating this since he'd told me about it.

I received a phone call from him later that evening, to let me know that they'd be getting into the caskets the next day and that I was still welcome to come up. I told him I wasn't sure if I'd be able to get a babysitter on such short notice. My sweet Hubby spent an hour at least while he was at work calling various siblings to find me a babysitter and eventually it paid off. His kid sister said she could watch them until about 230 when she was heading out for a camping trip. I jumped at the opportunity.

I headed up there after dropping my kids off and I was elated. I was going to actually get to see what I was going to school to do. I can't give all the details incase I have any wrong info, but I can tell you it was the best experience. It was really awesome seeing how they document their progress and their findings as the go. I mean my FIL had to draw a scale drawing of the caskets with their measurements as far as the length of the headboard & footboard, its depth, how wide the wood was that makes the sides, etc. It was pretty cool. I got to help a little as far as helping grab various tools that they might need, empty out buckets, etc. I did get to help do a small amount of digging to help find a casket handle. It was fun. It was neat to watch as they slowly and steadily made their way into the first casket. I even got to touch the skeleton. I know his guess on how old the bodies were was something like 130 yrs based on the look of the casket. (I found that very interesting) Unfortunately they had to deal with some very nasty clay and so they weren't going to get to the second casket and I missed the removal of the burial since I had to be back at my in-laws by 230. I was heartbroken to leave before the day was done. I got to hear more about it later and I'm looking forward to having a nice long talk with him about all his findings.

He did allow me to take all the pictures I wanted and of course all I had was my camera on my phone, but I took tons of photos. Unfortunately I promised not to post any online, as to not get him or myself in trouble with his boss, but lets just say I got some very neat pictures. I truly have found what I want to do. Being there that day just made it more apparent, I was where I belonged. Now I have this renewed desire to go back to school to finish my degree. I have to have a bachelor's degree in order to intern with the company my FIL works for and it seems so far off. But going to school to become an archaeologist requires most of my classes to be on campus and who can afford a babysitter these days so that I can go? I can't. I mean I have three kids. I have three semesters left til I get my associates degree and then from there I have no idea how long til I get my Bachelor's.

I just know I need to get it! Whatever it takes. Thank heavens for Army schooling benefits, it will take me some time I think before I get everything back in place, but soon I will get to use them and that will help. Which reminds me I need to tell you about my being reinstated in the Army Reserves, but I'll leave all those details for another post!

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