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Thursday, June 9, 2011


Why do I bother? Why do I bother to include anyone in special family events like having my daughter blessed when no one cares and isn't coming? Its stressing me out more than planning the big potluck. I don't even know if anybody is even going to come! Today really, really isn't my day. I'm so sorry if I'm making you listen to all this crap. Please feel free to skip this and ignore me for a day or two. My hormones are all over the place. Although I'd gladly accept any number of shoulders to cry on at this point. The fetal position is starting to look better and better.

Anyway this whole anger moment is due to the fact that I have a huge family, in fact we have tons of people that we want to invite to Rhiannon's LDS baby blessing at the end of the month and share in such a special moment with us. I sent out a Facebook invite (since that's the thing) to do two months ago and have been sending out official mailed invites over the last week. I've gotten all kinds of hurtful responses about why people aren't coming and tons of no responses at all. Even some of my close family aren't coming and I wonder why I bother, honestly. Its a lot of work to put together a big event like this and I feel like no one cares. I told my husband I was going to just cancel it and do a simple just immediate family & a few friends, and I should have. I have enough stress going on that I don't need this.

Anybody willing to share a shoulder to cry on?

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