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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Night On the Ped's Floor

Aidan  & Aislynn made a trip to the ER a couple weeks ago and were diagnosed with croup. Yuck. So,  of course we kept them far away from our sweet little Rhiannon since I stress and worry so much about her getting RSV and her little preemie lungs not being able to handle it. Well, for all that we tried to keep them apart she still got sick. It started with a stuffy nose about a week ago and then about three or four days ago she started having a little cough, but it didn't seem too bad. But each day it seemed to get worse and worse. Unfortunately we've been having some financial issues due to some pay issues and so we were hoping to make it until pay day this week, but yesterday when she became very lethargic and was running a fever. I became worried. All she wanted was to be held and didn't want to be moved. She couldn't complete her coughs and was wheezing, we decided that we couldn't afford to wait. So we hopped in the car and drove the two hours to the hospital. My poor baby went through hell and back again last night. I feel horrible, but we needed to find out what was wrong. She was still running a fever when we got there and they decided to do a whole lot of tests since she was so little. They needed to run an IV and it took two sticks before they got one to work. They were all impressed at what a little trooper she was. She had to have a catheter to do a urine sample.

We did chest x-rays, blood tests, and constant monitoring of her SATs. We also had two visits from the the Respiratory Therapist to have her nose suctioned out and a breathing treatment. They had to splint her arm to keep it straight since she wanted to fold her arm all up against her chest, so it wouldn't interfere with her IV. I felt so bad. All the techs and nurses who helped take care of her, all fell in love with her. They all felt so bad when she'd cry when they'd have to do something that would hurt her and take such great delight in her smiles and her trust in them. They told me they wanted her to stay with them and keep taking care of her. Which can I just say makes my day and made things seem easier.

All of her tests came back looking good and they did manage to break her fever, the only test that caused them concern was her lactic acid levels were high. Then add in her respiratory rate was high as well, so they decided to keep her over night for observation. So, we left the wonderful ER friends we'd made and went to make new ones on the Pediatrics floor. We were actually their only patient on the floor for most of the night and we had the best nurse. They were so awesome with Rhiannon,
talking so sweet to her when they had to adjust her IV or when the Respiratory Therapists came back twice more to take care of her little nose. They were just awesome. She even got to wear the cutest little hospital gown that I just loved and really wanted to take home, but she decided to barf on it just before we left so I couldn't manage to sneak it out.

After a night of observation, the Dr came in and told us that all her tests looked great. That we had lucked out and that all she had was an upper respiratory infection and not RSV. (Big sigh of relief) So, I just have to keep an eye on her fever and suction her nose before I feed her. I hope that she gets better soon I hate seeing my sweet little Pixie sick. She's such a ray of sunshine in our lives, its hard to see her sick. We got discharged and we went to picked up Daddy & the other kids. Then made the long drive home.

 The only way she'd go to sleep was if I pulled the crib up right next to the bed I was sleeping in so she could see me and I could hold her hand. After having fought sleep for hours, she finally fell asleep for thirty minutes before she woke up again cause she couldn't breathe.

 My poor baby.

 Getting ready to go home. Rhiannon in her cute hospital gown.
In the carseat ready to go home. Goodbye hospital!


  1. Aw! She looks like a sweeties, glad to see she is home and on the mend :)

  2. Thanks, we're glad she's home too. We were worried that we'd be spending more than just the night there, but they said we were fine to watch her from home. She's done a lot of sleeping and eating since we've been home, but she's a lot happier when she is awake.