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Friday, June 24, 2011

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In #46

 Hey its MilSpouse Friday Fill-In once again, head on over to Wife of a Sailor and join all the fun!

Are you a different person than you were five years ago? submitted by Sisterly Thoughts
I'd say so, I've gone through a deployment, three very rough pregnancies, mother to three amazing kids worth everything I went through to get them here. Lots of growing up. You know. I feel a lot older than I am.
If you could go on Amazing Race, who would you take with you as your partner and why? submitted by Thoughts from a Poekitten
I guess this might sound dumb, but I don't know what the Amazing Race is, but my partner in anything is my Hubby, Christopher. My guess from the name it involves getting from one location to the next and fast. (I'm not big into reality tv beyond Cake Boss, another secret about me ;) ) I'd take my Hubby because he's really smart and would be a far better navigator than me. I don't have very many friends and can't think of anyone else I would rather take then my best friend. ;)
Does Facebook or Twitter actually bring more stress or good in to your life? submitted by Just an Arizona Girl
To be honest probably more stress. It makes me sad because although I have alot of friends on Facebook, but most would never want to do anything with me and barely talk to me on it. So its more a source of pain and a way to hear about everyone else.
June is National Soul Food Month- what’s your soul food? submitted by NH Girl Displaced
 I honestly don't know. I really like Italian food. I also really like steak, medium-rare! I also like Mexican food. Maybe my soul food is all of the above. ;) Although having my gallbladder out makes eating things a little more tricky, but I still try.
If you could live in any other era than the current, which one would it be & why? submitted by Sugar in My Grits
I know its not really an era, but I go be a pioneer. I'd trek across the United States in a covered wagon or come across the ocean to America. I know things were so much harder in some ways back then, but there are somethings that would be easier. Less technology. For the most part you know who your friends are. I don't know sometimes I feel out of place in this era.

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