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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Practice Pirate Cake

After we had all that fun at Jungle Jim's, we headed home with our friends to have a BBQ and I went to work to finish a pirate island cake that Aidan requested I make. I haven't made a fancy cake since last summer, cause...well its just way too much work with so many little kids. So, the night before I baked the cakes and cute them down to the shape of the islands (unfortunately I didn't take and pictures) & a basic icing coating. I usually freeze the cakes, but there wasn't time so it made the process a lot longer. But we got back the next evening and I went right to work making homemade icing thanks to Buddy on the Cake Boss. I then iced and created a pirate island paradise covered in playmobile figures to help. What do you think?

This was a test run cake for the one I have to make at the end of the month for the big family birthday party. I have a few kinks to figure out before then, but I think all and all it was a good test run for the next one. Although the next one has to feed more people. ;)

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