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Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Dream

I've been trying on and off to go to school to be come an Archaeologist/Historian, but I haven't been since Aidan was like 9 months old. Its been awhile and I miss it. But its kind of hard with two toddlers and now I have a baby it makes it even harder. Anyway I have a subscription to an Archaeology magazine and I just love getting it, but unfortunately it only comes every other month. But I guess that's what the internet is for, it fills the gap of the times I don't have fun articles to read.

I would really love to go work on some fun excavations and the like. It would be so much fun. I was talking with my Father-in-law, who is also an Archaeologist a week or two ago about how they identify bodies from the civil war. It was really interesting and very simplistic since they didn't have dental records back then. Just talking about it makes me want to be apart of it all. To find some treasure that tells some story about the people who lived before us. Even if I can't do an excavation yet, I want to find a new cemetery (or rather an old cemetery) to go trooping through and take pictures.

I hear the cemeteries back East are so cool. Some of the most elaborate headstones and I always wonder about the people who are buried beneath the headstones, even the most simple of ones. I'm always sad to see the ones that have fallen into such disrepair that you can no longer read who it
belongs to. I have a strange fascination with cemeteries if you (courtesy of Listverse) can't tell. I hope you don't think me too strange. It does go great with my career choice, which is awesome. When I can find my own pictures of cemeteries I'll post them up because I have some neat ones. Anyway, I was just dreaming of having an archaeological adventure and I hope I won't have to wait too long.

                            courtesy of Encyclopedia Britannica

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