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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Chicago Trip in Photos: Day 5

It was sad to reach our last day on our Adventure in the city, but at the same time I was ready to go home. I'd been kind of nauseous the whole time we'd been there and I hadn't felt so great on the flight in. (Of course now we know I was pregnant) At the time I had my suspicions, but anyway. Here was what we crammed into our last day in Chicago.
Our Hotel room (Pardon the mess)

We went to the Aquarium

The kids in a cute little boat in the middle of the Aquarium

One huge lobster

Another super cute dolphin

Aidan loved the penguin

An Orca

Rosehill Cemetery
I took this cool shot myself without realizing it

This amazing and very sad gravestone. The husband had it made after his wife died in childbirth and then their daughter died four months later. He had this carved for them and buried them together.   
Its also supposed to be the most haunted spot in the cemetery
A sad stone couch gathering moss
The inside of a crypt and I thought it looked very cool.

There are lots of headstones like this one, I think its pretty cool.

This was the last place we stopped before we headed to the airport. It was so sweet of my husband to do this for me. I could have spent days there, it was 350acres. I will go back sometime.

Waiting for our flight at the wrong terminal.  They neglected to inform us of that until we'd been waiting 20 mins. Grr.
She had so much energy and she kept trying to bug some pilot waiting across from us.

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