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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Chicago Trip in Photos: Day 2

Our second day in Chicago started out long. It included breakfast and dropping the kids off with the hired babysitters that were provided. Followed by hours of classes, some that were quite enjoyable and others a little more snooze worthy. Instead of staying for the dinner they provided we set out in search of something different and decided on a Rainforest Cafe. Of course we got lost looking for it and showed up after like an hour of walking just before they closed.
She was petrified of the animatronic crocodile that opened its jaws and moved forward.

He scared both kids, it was terribly funny.

Christopher was having a lot of fun teasing the kids with all the animatronic animals.

Aislynn was desperately trying to get away.

They had a cool arched fish tank that served as a doorway and we found Dorie swimming around.
After our adventure we went for a short swim and tested out the kids' new swim vests.

Rhiannon just hanging out while I took some photos.

Aidan being daring.

He was trying to teach both kids some swimming basics.

Now its Aidan's turn to practice.

Floating or rather attempting to.

Rhi just loved the water.

Daddy & his Pixie playing in the water!

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