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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Chicago Trip in Photos: Day 4

Day 4 was the craziest and busiest day of our whole trip. We kept it pretty full and saw a lot of stuff.
I love this shot. Both girls were asleep and holding hands!

My poor kids all crashed out in the car on the way to the city.

Another photo of my sexy Hubby. (He really doesn't like his picture being taken.)

Chicago's Skyline driving into the city

The kids at the 'Car Wash' at the children's Museum

Caring for the babies

Aidan listening to the baby's heart

Dr Aidan

She was so cute with all the babies.

In the Vet's office caring for a snake

I think Aislynn wanted to take this puppy home

Aidan making lunch in the Deli. He really loved this area.

Now Aislynn is preparing lunch

Yes, finally a picture of me. Proof I was on this trip.

Christopher said that Aidan spent most of the 20 mins playing with the mop

Aidan camouflage

Ha Ha, I managed to sneak in another one

Being a monkey on the spiderweb set up outside the museum

Welcome to the Science & Industry Museum

Aidan was very fascinated by the Body World's giraffe display.

Catching the sand on the screen, very cool

A huge sub, my Hubby & kid's favorite exhibit

Rhiannon & Daddy

We stopped at the beach, yes Chicago has a beach.

The city skyline from one of the piers




My super cute kids playing on the pier

If any of you have seen the movie Adventures in Babysitting, then you know this building is the one where Sarah climbs out on the windows. This has always been my building, since I was a kid and I got a decent shot of it to share.

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