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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Chicago Trip in Photos: Day 3

Another day of classes and then it was off to our new hotel. We extended our stay so we could see more of the sights in the area. We were kind of forced to rent a car since it had cost us $40 to take a taxi from the airport to the first hotel and the rail line would make going to see everything we wanted impossible. It wasn't my first pick for a car, but it fit us all and got us to where we needed to go.
Our rental car.

My sleeping boy, out within minutes of getting into the car.

Same with Aislynn.

Rhiannon was still awake.

Cool old tank sitting outside a National Guard building.

Welcome to Brookfield Zoo!

Our first stop was to see this very handsome fellow and he even posed.

Checking out another kitty.

Rhiannon just chilling in the stroller.

Aidan and his 'Treasure Map' aka the map of the zoo.

Making a plastic mold of a dolphin, reminds me of trips to Hogle Zoo as a kid.

Watching for the dolphin to be finished. He looks excited, huh?

She was curious too.

They had dolphins at this zoo, we thought that was pretty neat!

Dolphin Dance

My sad boy did not want his picture taken.

Checking at the bears.

In the children's petting zoo, although this was all they got to pet.

In the wolf den

Aislynn loved the little bronze wolf cub and she gave it a goodbye kiss.

Aidan's Dinosaur

I finally got his picture, ha ha!

Got to love this classic photo!

So cute!

Aidan racing out of the zoo trying to keep up with Daddy.

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