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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Chicago Trip in Photos: Day 1

Aidan waiting at the terminal, he was so excited he could hardly sit still.

Christopher showing Aidan his dog tags that gave his info in case he got lost.

Rhiannon drinking her bottle to help with the take off.

Aislynn checking out the 'Big Airplane!'

Aidan awaiting take off.

He had to check out how high up we were.

Aislynn couldn't be left out either.

Not too happy about my taking her picture.

I think he was getting a little wiggly at this point.

Rhi didn't do so well and wanted to be held, so she and Daddy took a nap together.

After a rather frightening taxi ride to our hotel, its time for bed.

My sweet baby was tired and was quickly asleep.

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