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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Creativity Lacking

I know my creativity has been lacking these last couple of weeks and I've been doing the classic cookie cutter posts of day 4 and MilSpouse Friday Fill-In, for that I am sorry. My brain seems to be on a temporary brain fart. Maybe it was taking that family vacation that did it, and my brain has not returned. I had hoped to return home from vacation feel invigorated and more stress-free than when I had left, but I found that to be quite the contrary. (Unfortunately it would be just my luck, by the way). We found at the end of our fun vacation that although we had budgeted our trip, we had some how exceeded our budget, we were going to be short the funds to get home. Which was just great! We did figure out a solution, it just made money tight for the rest of the trip, a whole day and a half more, plus the remaining time frame til my DH gets paid this week. So, I think that adds more to the creativity lacking.

Onto more cheerful topics, perhaps of more creative means. I don't know how many of you have seen the new Alice in Wonderland starring Johnny Depp, but its a very well done movie in my opinion. Anyway, quite surprising to me my two year old has taken quite a liking to it and is constantly asking to watch "Aice" as he calls it. He can see movie posters, book covers, images of the Mad Hatter, Red Queen, White Queen, etc and tell you that its from "Aice." Its so cute how he says it and how excited he gets about the idea of the movie. I never really thought of it as a kid movie, not that it has any adult content, so no sex or nudity, but its not a cartoon. Any how he loves it. So, while my husband was away for AT we had to have watched it at least 20 or 30 times, enough times that I have caught enough of the word plays and I can quote quite a few lines.

I know its common for kids to latch on to movies, but usually movies like Toy Story or Aladdin. Apparently my son is just special. I wonder what kinds of movies you latched onto as a child? Or what about your kids? Have they driven you half mad with the constant watching of said movie? My two favorites growing up (as told by my parents) were Land Before Time (the original) and The Wizard of Oz and I watched the VHSs until they wore out.

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  1. I got the Disney Sleeping Beauty video for my birthday when I turned one year old and watched it practically every day until I was five. I can still quote the entire thing and sing all the songs. I would be 'Beauty' and my dad could be the Prince. If my parents teased me and said I was Malificent, I cried.

    Ari is on a Snow White kick lately. He likes the 'cary itch' (scary witch) and her 'yucky' apple. At the end of the movie during the kiss scene, he kisses the screen.