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Friday, June 11, 2010

Army Wife With Pride

I hope that with my posts, I haven't made anyone think that I am not proud of what I am. I am an Army Wife through and through. I would be lying if I said that I found it easy all the time and that I could handle any situation without batting an eye. We were told at the beginning of the year that they were preparing to send my husband's platoon overseas at some point this year, but its the stereotypical hurry up and wait. I cried when he told me. I'm scared to go through that again. I won't lie to you.

Yes, we've done the deployment thing and it was through the first year of our marriage. But this time it would be different we have kids now and that would leave me alone with no help. That scares me. It scares me that my kids are so little that they won't understand daddy not being here. And what if he doesn't come back. Its a possibility, not one I want to think about, but its there. How will my kids remember him?

Although I'm scared, terrified even, I wouldn't change that I married my husband and I wouldn't change that its made me an Army Wife. I'm not perfect, far from it. I'll readily admit it. I'm going to support my husband the best I can and try to be his strength, but he knows that its hard for me. To be alone. To be both mommy and daddy. To take on all of the bills, the care of our dogs, the house and anything & everything else that needs to be done.

I was told once it takes an extraordinary woman to be a Soldier's Wife and that I didn't have what it takes. I hope that after four years of marriage to my soldier that I have proven that person wrong. I am proud to be an Army Wife!

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